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Welcome to www.dgmnexusmedia.com the gateway to the global market an E-commerce inciative by M/s.DGM Nexus Media Pvt.Ltd. Globalization has made the global exports & imports between various nationalities as one global market just bifarcated by geographical borders.Global corporate businessess today greatly depend more on web advertisements than any other form of publicity, as the web advertisement has a broder spectrum of reach compared to any other form as your cutomers can reach you in fraction of seconds.Our main moto is to build a strong data base of all Indian garment exporters and allied industries with in India and also build a strong and more relevent data base of the global buyers who have business interests in India as well as business targeted country is India.Already from past 12 years of our service millions are benefited from our website as well as advertised their corporate profile to get the global reach.

This website is a replica of our last edition published in print as we are eco- friendly, we are only concentrating on our web advertisement media to reach billions more smartly.We found there are hundred fold benefits connected to E-directory or web based directory, just to name few are: Firstly,it saves time and money.Secondly E-directory or web directory can be used while you are travelling in your car or flight, more over you can browse it on your mobile phones as it is so user friendly.We once again welcome you to use our data to increase your business horizons & develop a strong business bond with us, so that we can build a vibarant and developed India.

INDIAN APPAREL DIRECTORY (R) and INDIAN COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY TM are vital cogs in Providing a robust platform for sourcing and networking among the Apparel & Garment sectors and the allied industrial fraternity both in India and globally, brands Trademarked and exclusive properties of M/s.DGM Nexus Media & Adarsh Business Services,

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